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New Profile Posts

  1. Jonathan j
    Jonathan j
    What is a good starter care for this kind of hobby
  2. TWS
  3. san-man
    Gotta go!!!!!
  4. san-man
    It's stock, I just have a hole in the muffler.
  5. Mecheze
    I drive whale!
  6. aries240ss
    Vids or it didn't happen!
  7. Tojo
    I like to watch stupid
  8. thatguyculp
    Sorry for party rockin!
  9. Tojo
    Gear Grinder
  10. Tojo
    Tojo KFC_Or_Bust
    KFC, can you change my profile name to "ToJo"... Make things easier....
  11. Tojo
  12. Froman
  13. juiww powee
  14. Cynthia Otero
  15. Rebecca M. Goodyear
  16. JT FRC00
    JT FRC00 1277
    About time you join the club!
    1. 1277
      Yeah it took too long. Just reading the chats. The guys are cracking me up. I love this shit!
      Apr 12, 2016
    2. 1277
      Why does it say COP by my name
      Apr 13, 2016
    3. JT FRC00
      JT FRC00
      When U first join everyone is a cop. Until they meet U and know who U are then it's all good. Helps keep the real cops from trying to join the site and seeing the race videos so nobody gets in trouble. It will get removed once your verified with the group. Basically just a safety measure
      Apr 16, 2016
  17. Ashton@EliteRacing
  18. Slowrado#4
    Slowrado#4 KFC_Or_Bust
    To my profile name its my stripper weekend name and i cant have that many peoole knowing about ir
  19. Slowrado#4
    Slowrado#4 KFC_Or_Bust
    I need a name change
    1. KFC_Or_Bust
      To what?
      Feb 7, 2016
  20. MrGtiiiii
    People still drive cars???